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A close-up look at one of modern medicine's great blunders — the attempt by Freud and his followers to find hidden messages in diseases, as if illness was but a dream.

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"My fervent hope is that every person still clinging to the belief that Freud was one of the greatest scientists of recent times will buy and ponder Dolnick's brilliant, explosive book — a splendid, scrupulously documented survey of the revolution that has taken place, since Freud, in the understanding of schizophrenia, autism, and obsessive-compulsive disorder."

Martin Gardner

"Dolnick brings to his task a formidable array of strengths . . . A diverse cast of characters is captured in brilliant thumbnail vignettes . . . Dolnick's narrative moves smoothly and effortlessly, never lingering too long on any topic yet never leaving a topic until its full significance has been explored. Despite its somber theme, the book is a delight to read."

The New York Times