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The astonishing story of how a so-so forger convinced the world he was Johannes Vermeer.

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"When it comes to forgery and its ability to fascinate, the bigger the better, and the greater the audacity the more compelling. In the story of a two-bit Dutch painter, Han Van Meegeren, who had the nerve to take on that most rarefied of his artistic compatriots, Johannes Vermeer, author Edward Dolnick has hit the mother lode."

Los Angeles Times

"Dolnick . . . tells his story engagingly and with a light touch. He has a novelist's talent for characterization, and he raises fascinating questions."

The New York Times

"Mesmerizing account of an amateur artist who made millions selling forged paintings to art-obsessed Nazis and business tycoons. . . . Energetic and authoritative"

Kirkus (starred review)

". . . extraordinary . . . fascinating . . . compelling . . ."

Publisher's Weekly (starred review)

". . . engrossing and jaw-dropping . . ."

Rocky Mountain News

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